“Evidence. Evidence. Evidence.”

Thomas E. Guilbeau, Tommy to almost everyone who knows him, is unapologetic about his approach to criminal defense. And, after a career that spans more than 40 years his record of success speaks for itself. For Tommy, defending a client is an emotional experience. You have to be completely in the game, totally involved in every detail of the case. “Evidence, evidence, evidence,” he says, are the three most important elements of any trial and it is critical to the defense that you capture the jurors interest from the opening statement. A jury that is not interested in what you have to say from the beginning will not be listening later on in the trial. Tommy’s confidence in his knowledge of criminal law and his success in the courtroom are testaments to his willingness to take on the hard cases, the seemingly impossible cases and achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. In the end, it’s always about justice; compassion and respect for each individual’s rights and ultimately about finding that thread of evidence that can turn things around.

A passion for the rights of each individual and a willingness to be totally immersed in the defense of each client are the foundation of his reputation as a lawyer.

  • AV Rated since 1985.
  • Admitted to the Louisiana Bar, 1968
  • Admitted to practice before U.S. Supreme Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, US District Court Western District of Louisiana.
  • Preparatory education, Louisiana State University,
  • Tulane University Law School (JD 1968)
  • Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity (President)
  • Lafayette Juvenile and Young Adult Program, 1969 to Present. President 1970-72
    Advisory Board 1982

  • State Versus Joe Breland – not guilty by reason of insanity
  • State Versus Clarence J. Saloom – not guilty by reason of insanity
  • State Versus Dalton Prejean – Death penalty handled for 13 years pro bono
  • State Versus R. Kelly – Felony charge of aggravated battery reduced to misdemeanor, simple battery, suspended sentence, $100 fine
  • State Versus Seth Fontenot – charged with one count of 1st degree murder and two counts of 2nd degree murder; jury returned verdict of one count of manslaughter and two counts of 2nd degree battery. Sentence to 13 months imprisonment.

In the course of his career, Mr. Guilbeau has handled 100 homicide cases and seven (7) death penalty cases and has been qualified in court as an expert in Criminal Law