Criminal charges are serious accusations

that, if you are convicted, could result in

  • A permanent criminal record
  • Mandatory community service
  • Sizable fines
  • Loss of driving privileges and/or voting rights
  • Loss of freedom

The penalties can be severe. A criminal conviction can affect your reputation, personal relationships, future career and educational opportunities. It is essential that you obtain representation from a highly trained, well-respected criminal defense attorney from the beginning to maximize your chances of a successful outcome. In the event we do go to trial, our goal is to win.

Practice Areas

Thomas Guilbeau represent clients in the following areas of law:


1st Degree Murder
2nd Degree Murder
Negligent Homicide
Vehicular Homicide

Assault and Battery

Aggravated Battery
Aggravated 2nd Degree Battery
Simple Battery
Aggravated Assault

Rape and Sexual Battery

1st Degree Rape
2nd Degree Rape
3rd Degree Rape
Sexual Battery
2nd Degree Sexual Battery


All offenses


Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

Aggravated Kidnapping
2nd Degree Kidnapping
False Imprisonment

Offenses Against Property

Aggravated Arson
Simple Arson
Negligent Arson
Arson With Intent To Defraud
Threat To Bomb School Property
Possession of Firearms In Firearms Free Zone

Criminal Damage to Property

Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property
Criminal Damage to Property


Aggravated Burglary
Simple Burglary
Unauthorized Entry Of An Inhabited Dwelling
Unauthorized Entry Of Business
Home Invasion

Misappropriation Without Violence

Theft (all types)
Unauthorized Use Of A Movable
Unauthorized Use Of A Motor Vehicle
Illegal Possession of Stolen Things
False Accounting
Medicaid Fraud
Bank Fraud

Computer Related Crimes

Offenses Against Intellectual Property
Offenses Against Computer Equipment
Offenses Against Computer Users

Sexual Offenses Against Minors

Felony Carnal Knowledge of Juvenal
Misdemeanor Carnal Knowledge of Juvenal
Indecent Behavior of Juvenal
Pornography Involving A Juvenal
Computer Aided Solicitation of A Minor
Prohibited Sexual Conduct Between Educator and Student

Crimes Against Nature

Simple Crimes Against Nature
Aggravated Crimes Against Nature
Crime Against Nature by Solicitation

Offenses Affecting Persons With Infirmities

Cruelty To Persons With Infirmities
Exploitation Of Persons With Infirmities
Sexual Battery

Illegal Carrying and Discharge of Weapons

Illegal Use of Weapons
Illegal Carrying of Weapon
Possession of Fire Arm By Person Convicted of Certain Felonies
Illegal Carrying, Use Of, Or Possession of Firearms (All types)

Driving Offenses

Hit And Run
Reckless Operation Of A Vehicle
OWI 3rd and 4th Offense

Offenses Affecting Law Enforcement

Resisting An Officer
Flight From An Officer
Aggravated flight From An Officer
Simple Escape
Aggravated Escape


Perjury (All Types)
False (All Types)

Offenses Affecting Judicial Functions

Obstruction of Justice
Failure to Report Commission of Certain Felonies
Jury Tampering
Intimidation of witnesses

Official Misconduct

Malfeasance of Office
Public Contract Fraud
Abuse of Office

All Felonies Not Listed Above